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by SMNET at 16:32
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Well, we've promised this for some time now, and on the dawn of a new Autumn, we are happy to finally announce that SMNET Blogs are now up and running!!

Why should I keep a blog on SMNET?
Well, there are endless reasons, but here are the main ones:-

  • Instant visibility; No need to worry about building an audience! SMNET receives over 80,000 unique visitors a month and with thousands of members, your blogs will be frequented from launch!
  • No maintenance hassles; Forget security updates, patches, html worries - SMNET will maintain blogs and improve them over time. Regular security patches are applied to all blogs leaving you free to focus on blogging.
  • It's real easy to use and is free...
by SMNET at 13:01
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On 15th September on a sunny autumnal morning at the beautiful setting of Rownhams House in Southampton, Neighbourhood Midwives and SMNET held their first joint workshop aimed at inspiring and informing those starting on the journey to becoming a midwife.

The workshop was led by midwives who have experience of working in many different midwifery settings (including caseloading), an experienced midwifery lecturer and most importantly a current student midwife!
The aims of the day were: to understand in detail what a midwife does and what her role entails; to explore why the individual wants to become a midwife; and finally to be able to communicate this in the application process for a place at university.

The day was delivered in a experiential workshop style that involved individual work, group work as well as hearing from the ‘experts’ – the women (in the form of birth stories), the experienced midwives and the student.

The feedback from the participants was extremely positive,...
by iolaus at 21:47
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Do you have any questions regarding Group B Strep?

Group B Strep Support (GBSS) will be here on 2nd October to answer any questions you may have on this infection which can cause stillbirth and neonatal death.

While you can ask questions on the night if you put them on this thread we can ask on your behalf - or you can remind yourself

Hope to see you all there 7.30 on 2nd October 2014
by mothgirl at 00:40
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Come and join us in the SMNET Plus! Zone for our New Starters Revision session!

22nd September at 7.45pm

The session will cover topics commonly studied in the early weeks and months of a Midwifery Degree, although different Universities will cover slightly different things.

This will be a great session for any New Starter, a great refresher for those further on in training, or a great insight for those at the application stages!

Not a Plus! Member yet? Why not upgrade? We offer monthly revision sessions, weekly debates and much more. See here http://www.studentmidwife.net/account/upgrades for further information and to upgrade!

We look forward to seeing you :-)
by Nanny Plum at 07:25
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Woop Woop, it is quiz time again :party:

Join us on Sunday 21st September for our monthly nursing quiz. Join in the fun of pre-quiz chatter 7:30 for a 8pm start. Keep your eyes peeled for the banner which will appear as by magic and whisk you away to the magical quiz area of SMNET!


This quiz will help your basic knowledge of nursing as you embark on your exciting journey as a student nurses. This months quiz is for new starters ONLY. Everyone else is welcome to join in but you will not be eligible to win the prize.

Dress Code: Pj's, or Onesies
Required items: cake and wine or appropriate alternative :snack:

As always, thanks go to Elsevier for the prize as follows:
£50 ebook voucher