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Please help me

Discussion in 'Personal Statements' started by ladymace, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. ladymace

    ladymace Guest

    i know my personal statement is long but i dont know where to condence and amplify it. Im so nervous as I am only 20 and I feel that I wont get accepted because I haven't had many life experiences to quote from. I'ts making me sick and I'm losing so much sleep over it.:no::yawn: :no:
    I have seen a few statements on here and they are fantastic, please can you help me!!!

    I once heard that midwifery is as much a passion as an occupation. I strongly agree as I too feel passionate about nurturing a woman along with her family during and after her pregnancy.
    The thought of helping a mother introduce a child into the world will be immensely satisfying as a career. Giving birth is a unique experience in which the mother will always remember her midwife; this will be a gratifying honour I hope to achieve in life.

    I know that midwives dedicate their lives as a responsible practitioner maintaining a close cooperation with the mother and her supporting family during this life changing process on occasions such as stress, doubt and bereavement. They attend to their physical, psychological and emotional needs women endure throughout their antenatal and postnatal period.
    Midwifery is a career for people who are practical, caring, and reliable and are capable of establishing a trusting relationship in a professional manner. I feel that these are some of the many skills that I have already gained though life experiences.

    Though out my working life I gained many skills and qualities that would contribute to my chosen career from an early age I have helped my mother care for my twin siblings and mainly for my epileptic father. I learnt to clean my dad wounds he sometimes sustained whist having a fit but more importantly I had to learn to recognise signs of a possible attacks. This meant that I had to be alert and ready to assist my mother on many occasions. I also had to others about my father’s personal information when we were alone in public in event of an episode.
    Tough as it was it gave me the strength to confidently communicate with others, I have found that I can work in my own and in a team.
    I am from a large family which has seen almost twenty pregnancies in the last ten, years some have been successful, miscarried or still born, I have witnessed many of my relatives’ pregnancies growing up. This was accountable for my developing fascination with midwifery.
    Many of my peers have had children since leaving school one of them decided to have a home birth with her second child and asked me to be her birthing partner. She was in full labour for five hours and only accepted gas and air. She previously suffered with a water infection which according to her resembled ‘labour like twinges’ this caused her to be adamant she wasn’t in labour. Her denial eventually caused distress not only to her and the baby but her eldest son became upset when the midwife showed up I remember how calm and reassuring she was during the labour. It was her insightfulness that inspired me to attend the Access in Nursing/Midwifery pathway.

    When I started the Access course I thought about midwifery and went to the college’s library and requested a copy of Janet Higgins getting into nursing and midwifery, I found that it was a valuable in depth study that educated my mind and encouraged me to peruse this vocation. I have watched TV programmes such as Saving Babies and Deliver Me found on discovery health they are documentaries that focus on joys of childbirth and the complications, births can create, my most memorable aired series was known as Desperate Midwives. This showed the day to day lifestyle that is to be expected as a midwife, not only was it educational to watch I feel that I have a head start in preparing myself for a life in midwifery.

    The subjects that I am currently studying are providing me with relevant knowledge about the complex structure of the human body gaining me profound insight to the workings of the mind and body. Feedback from my tutors has been positive giving me more determination than ever to chase this life altering ambition to play a reputable role regarding the welfare of others
  2. Devotion

    Devotion Member

    Sep 19, 2008
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    hi im only 20 too and have 2 daughters, your PS sounds great, you do have alot of experience in pregnancies through your family!! which i think will be a great interst to those who read it also being a birthing partner im sure theyll love that.

    by the way im also on the access course at lincoln college.
  3. Iris

    Iris RM Staff Member

    Apr 6, 2008
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    What makes you think it is too long hun? I'm not sure it is, have you tried putting it into UCAS?

    It is very good btw
  4. Cupcake

    Cupcake Guest

    It doesnt look to long to me hun. I think you should have more confidence in yourself this is a brilliant PS and you should be proud of what you have achieved at the age of 20, your ps really stands out. Im only 20 as well and your ps makes me realise what i am up against getting into University and that makes me nervouse lol xxxx now stop loosing sleep xxxx
  5. vicky2002

    vicky2002 New Member

    Jun 25, 2008
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    " I also had to others about my father’s personal information when we were alone in public in event of an episode." and "I have found that I can work in my own and in a team. i'm not sure that these two separate sentences make sense hun, but i think your personal statement is pretty impressive, well done!!
  6. Lizzie1988

    Lizzie1988 Guest

    This is a fantastic PS hun. well done you :) im impressed with your experience you have achieved by the age of 20 :) xx
  7. L011y

    L011y Guest

    Love it! I'm 21, and whilst I've experienced a lot for me age, midwifery is something else! We're in the same boat me thinks. We've chosen to have our career first and children later. Something to be proud of I think! Chin up! Your not alone! x x x x x
  8. eas7nurse

    eas7nurse New Member

    Oct 17, 2008
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    thats a very good midwifery statement you have written and you should be proud of it and you only 20 lol.I am 37 and male applicant,had some nursing experience and like u done and successfully completed a Science access course nearly two years ago.I am hoping to appy next year but i doubt whether as male applicant i will get in.however i hope u do and wish u all the best.
  9. Midwifemissy

    Midwifemissy Love you Mum and Dad xx

    Nov 1, 2007
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    You have as much chance as any female applicant, and the uni's can't discriminate against you just because of your gender.

  10. Butterfly

    Butterfly Guest

    This is a good statement, you've clearly had experience of pregnancy, labour and postnatal period even if it's not in a work experience setting, you've demonstrated that you know the role of a midwife and your passion for it really does come through.

    I'm 19 and in my second year, so life experience isn't always favoured (i have not had even a smidge of the experience you've had, my brother was born when i was 5, i had never seen a birth or anyone in labour till i got in to the hospital!!)

    don't lose sleep hun, its a good statement and you have a fighting chance! xxx

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