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Welcome, please read me first!!!

Discussion in 'Educational Media' started by _Josie, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. _Josie

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    Welcome to the birth videos, films and animations section! I hope you find the resources useful and informative. They have all been selected to assist you with your learning.

    If you have any problems accessing any of the videos or if they don't run smoothly then please use the 'report' function so that we can rectify the problem.

    You are encouraged, and most welcome to post new videos in this section and if you have a relevant question please feel to reply and comment on the videos. To ensure the educational content of this section is accurate, posts and replies will be moved to a holding area for a short while so that we can ensure new videos work correctly and index them (add tags) properly in our learning library :)

    Happy watching!!
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