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by subtlerevulsion at 20:16
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The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived! This has been the closest quiz that I've been involved with, the answers have been triple marked to try and decide on the winners. Eventually, it was just too close and a tie breaker was called to decide 2nd, 3rd and 4th (non prize winning place). The results are in!!

In first place, with 29 points: @Bookie
Second place with 28 points and the winner of the tie break question: @saffamommyof2
Third place with 28 points and second place in the tie break: @redbug

Special mention and well done to @Spuddy who also got 28 points but came third in the tie break

Congratulations guys! Please contact @Nanny Plum to sort out your prizes!
by Sunny at 14:27
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Calling all Twitterers :)

Tonight is our maiden voyage into Tweet Chat land and we would love to have you aboard!

The topic is the application process to get onto the midwifery degree, we have some interesting discussion planned so please come along.

It's between 8 and 9pm and the hashtag is #SMNatter

See you there!
by Nanny Plum at 12:42
(723 Views / 8 Likes)
Woop Woop, it is quiz time again :party:

Join us on Monday 8th December for our monthly midwifery quiz. Join in the fun of pre-quiz chatter 7:30 for a 8pm start. Keep your eyes peeled for the banner which will appear as by magic and whisk you away to the magical quiz area of SMNET!

Applying for University
(only people who are currently applying to university will be eligible to win a prize)
Dress Code: Pj's, or Onesies
Required items: cake and wine or appropriate alternative :snack:

As always, thanks go to our fantastic sponsors Elsevier for the prizes as follows:
1st prize £100 BOOK VOUCHER
2nd prize £ 75 BOOK VOUCHER
3ed prize £ 25 BOOK VOUCHER

Hope you will all come along and join us :)

Note: You must have 25+ posts on SMNET to enter

Follow us: @SMNET on Twitter

by subtlerevulsion at 21:47
(267 Views / 6 Likes)
The entries have been marked and it's time to announce the winner!! *drum roll*

With a score of 33.5 points and the winner of a £50 Elsevier book voucher is.....

@Twinky ! Congratualtions! Please PM @Nanny Plum for your prize =D

Well done to everyone else who entered, don't forget that you can still use the code SMNET20 to get 20% off at Elsevier :-)
by mothgirl at 22:13
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Come and join us in the SMNET Plus! Zone for our November revision session on Normal Labour!

Whether you are applying, studying or qualified this will be a great opportunity to brush up on everything from the mechanism of labour to vaginal examinations!

26th November from 7.45pm - the thread will appear as if by magic in the Plus area!

Not a Plus! Member yet? Why not upgrade?We offer monthly revision sessions, weekly debates and much more. See herehttp://www.studentmidwife.net/account/upgrades for further information and to upgrade!

We look forward to seeing you :-)