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by Akua at 20:25
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We love quizzes so much here on SMNET, this month you're getting a bonus quiz!! Woop woop! :party:
Our friends over at Group B Strep Support have written a quiz all about GBS!

The highest score on the night will win 6 months free SMNET Plus! membership, and the top three answers will win a certificate from Group B Strep Support, which will look great in your portfolio.

The quiz is on Thursday 23rd October. The thread will appear as if by magic, with a link at the top of your screen, at 7.30pm, with the quiz starting at 8pm.

I hope to see as many of you there as possible! :)
by iolaus at 09:00
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Foundation for Infant Loss Training have offered a free E Learning in Pregnancy and Infant Loss, with their compliments to all student midwives in honour of baby loss awareness.

Contact on: info@chantallockey.co.uk before midnight on 15th October 2014
by iolaus at 18:03
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To be postponed
As many of you will be aware this week is Baby Loss Awareness week, on the 15th we have the lovely Chantal Lockey coming to answer any questions you may have on the subject

Chantal, one of the finalists for midwifery educator of the year in the BJM awards, has written books, for both professionals and parents on the subject, has e-learning packages on the subjects and runs study days so is well placed to answer your questions

Just ask your questions here and she's be here next Wednesday to answer them
by Akua at 16:05
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...If not, why not?!

SMNET Plus! is currently hosting one of our frequent 'practice documentation' sessions. Run over the course of a week, this feature is designed to help students (and students-to-be!) to practice writing hospital notes, so that when you are out on placement, it comes easily and quickly. Accurate, professional record keeping can be a difficult skill to master, and as a midwife you need to be able to do it at the same time as caring for the woman and holding conversation. As they say, practice makes perfect!

This weeks scenario features around Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, and the challenges that hand-held notes provide in delicate situations.

Head on over to SMNET Plus! now to take part: http://www.studentmidwife.net/fob/practice-documentation-08-10-14.107134/#post-1526376 :yes:

Not a Plus! Member yet? Why not upgrade?We offer monthly revision sessions, weekly debates and much more. See herehttp://www.studentmidwife.net/account/upgrades...
by SMNET at 09:36
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Open Call for Volunteers

To ensure the smooth running of SMNET, our projects, our support of prospective and current students (and midwives) we are expanding our team! We are looking for volunteers who can devote their time and talent. There are many roles throughout SMNET and we are inviting interested individuals to come forward and apply.

Volunteering with SMNET is something that can be added to your portfolio and CV. It may also count towards CPD.

We will seek to match successful applicants to roles based on their skills, experience and what they hope to gain from working with SMNET. To apply to be an SMNET volunteer, you should be a reasonably frequent visitor and be able to help out on projects as required. If you don't currently frequent SMNET, or are not a current SMNET member then you are still welcome to...