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by Akua at 17:27
(616 Views / 12 Likes)
You've achieved the dream - you've been offered a place! So... what next? It's time to complete the mind-boggling minefield that is the NHS Bursary Application!

Please note: if you live in Scotland you need to ignore this thread completely, as you apply through the Student Awards Agency For Scotland, and not through the NHS Bursary BOSS System.

Your bursary is made up of several sections.

· Tuition Fees: If you are eligible for an NHS student bursary, they will pay for your tuition fees. These go directly to the university.

· Non-Means Tested Grant: This is a set annual amount of £1000

· Basic Award: This bit is your ‘income’ during the course. The amount you receive varies depending on where you will be living, your overall household income and your outgoings.

· Extra Weeks Allowance: It is an additional allowance for...
by Akua at 14:58
(190 Views / 6 Likes)
Thank you to all of those that took part in this month's C-Section and VBAC quiz!

We've had some fab entries this month!

The winners are as follows:
1st place is @Mango - the run-away winner with a fabulous 28 points! Mango wins £100 to spend on E-books
2nd place is @LulaBop with an impressive 23 points and she wins £70 to spend on E-books
3rd place is @Glittergirl with an amazing 18.5 points and wins £30 to spend on E-books

@McFly and @Clarebear - you both came a very very close joint fourth with 18 points. Unfortunately there's no prize for fourth, but I thought you'd both want to know how close you were!

Please can the winners contact me and I'll pass their details on to our wonderful...
by Nanny Plum at 20:12
(273 Views / 2 Likes)
Whoop whoop, it's quiz time again :party:

Join us on Thursday 24th April from 7:30pm in the quiz area for pre-quiz chatter. The quiz will start at 8pm. Keep your eyes peeled for the banner which will appear as by magic and whisk you away to the magical area of SMNET :hurray:

This Month's Topic

1st prize is a £50 Elsevier ebook voucher and the runner up will win a drug calculations book. Both prizes have been donated by SMNET's fabulous sponsors Elsevier

Get your pj's on, come along, play, chat, eat, drink and most importantly have fun taking part. See you all there :snack:
by Akua at 18:40
(315 Views / 0 Likes)
Have you had a look at the latest 'What would you do?' thread on SMNET Plus! yet? If not, why not?!

Each 'What would you do?' post includes an interesting scenario, often with no right or wrong answer, and it always sparks off an interesting debate. This week, the debate is centred around a woman who wants a homebirth, but her baby has a serious heart condition that will need significant medical input at birth.

Head over to SMNET Plus! now to join in!

If you are not currently an SMNET Plus member, you can upgrade your account here:- :yes:
by Akua at 18:24
(246 Views / 1 Likes)
It's Monday and that means it's time for a new Catch of the Week!

It's double trouble in this week's scenario, featuring Sally who's pregnant with DCDA twins.

Whether you are a qualified midwife, current student, eagerly awaiting September to start your course or still thinking about midwifery, head over now and play along! to check out the action!

And as always, thank you to the gorgeous @iolaus for hosting them :)