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by Akua at 22:54
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Have you had a look at the latest feature over on SMNET Plus! yet? If not, why not?!

Accurate and contemporaneous record keeping is an important part of being a midwife. It's also something that many students struggle to get to grips with. So we are running practice sessions over on SMNET Plus!

Each week features a real case for you to practice with. This week focuses around Kali, who's come into the unit with a PV bleed.

Check it out here: http://www.studentmidwife.net/fob/practice-documentation-19-08-14.105480/

Not a member of SMNET Plus! yet?! Well why not? You can upgrade your account here:-
by Nanny Plum at 09:01
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Woop Woop, it is quiz time again :party:

Join us on Friday 22nd August for our monthly nursing quiz. The fun starts from 7:30pm in the quiz area for pre-quiz chatter. The quiz will start at 8pm. Keep your eyes peeled for the banner which will appear as by magic and whisk you away to the magical area of SMNET.
This month's topic is

Dress Code: Pj's, or Onesies
Required items: cake and wine or appropriate alternative :snack:

Prize £50 eBook voucher

As always, thanks go to Elsevier for the prizes as follows:

Hope you will all come along and join us :)

Note: You must have 25+ posts on SMNET to enter

Follow us: @SMNET on Twitter
by Akua at 22:36
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Well done to all the entrants of this month’s Summer Breastival Super Quiz! Not only has this has been one of SMNET's best attended quizzes, 11 of you had scores above 30, so it was a really close month!

Here are the scores. Drum roll please.... :kicking:

In 1st place is @Mrs Bear with an impressive score of 40. Mrs Bear wins £100 of book vouchers!
In 2nd place is @Loulou91x closely behind with 36.5 points - £75 worth of book vouchers for you!
And in 3rd place is @LoveMidwifery123 again closely behind with 36 points! Enjoy your vouchers worth £25

Well done all of you! :clap:

Please can you private message the ever wonderful @Nanny Plum to claim your prize.

Thank you to everyone who entered the quiz and took part on the night! We hope you enjoyed all of SMNET's Summer Breastival events.

A big thank you to our wonderful quiz sponsor...
by Akua at 12:57
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The RCM Student Midwives' Conference is the one of the largest gatherings of student midwives in the country. And thanks to our sponsors at the Royal College of Midwives you could be there too as there are TWO tickets up for grabs - exclusively for SMNET members!

The conference is on the 11th and 12th of November at the International Centre in Telford.

Here's Cathy Warwick talking about the exciting programme on offer at the conference.

This year's theme is
'Better Births: United in Excellence'

Therefore, in order to be in with a chance of winning a ticket:-
Tell us in 50 words or less how you as a student midwife are working towards providing better birth experiences for women.

Post your answers in the comments below. The two winners will be chosen by a panel of independent SMNET staff members. In the case of a tie, the RCM will be asked to judge between...
by Akua at 12:24
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Come join us on Monday 4th August at 7.30pm for a revision session on breastfeeding!

This session is part of SMNET's Summer Breastival, to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. It is designed so that everyone will be able to take part, whether you are a midwife or student midwife looking to consolidate their learning, or whether you are yet to start your degree and looking to get a heads up!

The revision thread will appear as if by magic at 7.30 in the SMNET Plus! area.

Not a member of SMNET Plus! yet?! Well why not? You can upgrade your account here:-