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DLC Buying books for the DLC

Discussion in 'Distance Learning (Access to HE)' started by Brandy, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Brandy

    Brandy New Member

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    Applying to Study Midwifery
    Could you please tell me if you had to buy any books to complete the course. If you did which ones you found most useful.
  2. Ilithyia

    Ilithyia Well-Known Member

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    i suggest investing in a good biology book like Ross & Willsons Anatomy & Physiology in Health & Illness.. also Oxford Revision Guides AS & A level human biology through diagrams as this will save you massive amounts of time when it comes to all the diagrams for the biology modules.. other than that there's really no need to go mad - everything else is accessible from reliable websites :)
  3. 6KidsRock

    6KidsRock Well-Known Member Plus! Member

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    Student Midwife
    I bought the AS and A level human biology one and second that. It's really good and was only £6.99 on amazon.

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